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The purpose of this assignment requires each student to answer one of the following research questions through:

1. Summarizing and critiquing an academic journal article.

2. Discussing sociological concepts, theories, and social trends.

Research Questions

1. Death and Dying:From a cross-cultural perspective compare Canada's death/dying policies/practices to those of another country and make recommendations for improving this practice for Canadian seniors. OR From a subculture perspective examine the death/dying traditions of a particular Canadian subculture and make recommendations for improving the practices of this subgroup of Canadian seniors.

You are expected to use three different sources in completing this assignment.

1. One sociological/aging journal article from a reputable academic source should be selected as the basis of your critical analysis. This article should be submitted with your paper and referenced in APA format in your written work and reference page.

2. The text book (or another sociological source) should be applied and referenced to support the sociological concepts or theories you apply to your research question.

3. A current article from the popular media (newspaper, magazine, or internet) that discusses current sociological trends should be applied and referenced in support of your research question. For some social issues or trends, a personal interview could also be used.

Summary of Article(about 1 page or 275 words)

Your summary should begin with an introduction. Consider what question(s) or issues the author is attempting to address; or what previous research prompted the authors to conduct their study? In other words, what is the purpose of this article? Then summarize in your own words what the author is saying by briefly stating his/her main points. This may involve going beyond the stated facts and seeing the whole picture or thesis. For example, Durkheim's study on suicide is not just about comparing suicide rates between Catholics and Protestants, but it is on how one's social context influences individual behavior.

Critical Analysis of Article(about 1 page or 275 words)

The analysis of your article through the following questions should clearly explain and support your points. It is not enough to simply say your article is scientific and objective; explain your reasoning through demonstrating your understanding of sociology research concepts.

Evidence: Analyzing an article involves looking at the nature of the evidence. Evidence can be scientific or non-scientific. Non-scientific evidence may be based upon opinion, anecdotal examples, or logical reasoning. Scientific evidence is empirically based using one of the four main research methods, including experiments, surveys, content analysis, or field research. If you use a research-based article clearly state the nature of the evidence and the nature of the study (if applicable). Keep in mind that not all articles are research based. Some may be based upon opinion or anecdotal evidence. Be sure to clearly describe the nature of the evidence.

Point of view: All social scientists (and all people) have a point of view or bias. A point of view may be reflective of one's culture, gender, social class, or race/ethnicity. It may be openly stated or hidden and relevant or irrelevant to what the author is saying. One's point of view may reflect a theoretical approach. For example, does the author's perspective reflect a social conflict, structural functional, symbolic interaction, or feminist theoretical perspective? Sometimes the sponsoring organization or journal itself reflects a particular point of view. Be clear that in this context, point of view does not mean the author's hypothesis or thesis.

Strengths and weaknesses of the article: Consider the research methodology used and its inherent strengths and weaknesses. Is there any real evidence or does the evidence presented adequately support the author's conclusions? Consider the author's assumptions, is it reasonable? Consider the author's bias, point of view, or theoretical perspective; is it fair and reasonably objective; does it adequately explain the research question? Be sure to clearly describe both the strengths and weakness of your article. Does the article succeed in achieving its overall purpose?

Do you agree or disagree with the author? Why or why not? Here is your chance to give your point of view on this research question. Be sure to clearly describe your point of view and your reasons for that position.

Sociological Concepts/Theory and Social Issues/Trends(about 1 page or 275 words)

You are expected to demonstrate your understanding of the broader issues represented by your research question and article. Broader issues include sociology concepts and theories discussed in the text and throughout the course; social trends and current events within Canada or the global community that apply to your topic. Once you have decided which sociological theory(s) best apply to your research question, make sure you clearly explain and apply the concepts and theories to your article and research question.

In examining the current social issues and trends that relate to your research question, find out what is going on at local, provincial, national or international levels to see which best applies to your issue. Examples of news sources through the popular press include: Lethbridge Herald, Globe and Mail, CBC News, Maclean's Magazine.

Organization and Writing Style

This assignment requires you to answer a research question through a summary and analysis of a peer-reviewed article; and application of sociological concepts, theories, social issues or trends supported by an article from the popular media. The organization of these points therefore must therefore tie all sections together focused on answering the research question. For each of the sections, it is important to be clear about the question to which you are responding. Headings using the assignment questions will enhance your organization. As this is a formal assignment your language must be formal, clear, and concise.

Reference no: EM13886177

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