Discusses the potential ethical and legal issues raised

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Assignment 1 - words 350

Provide a post that discusses the potential ethical and legal issues raised for the following scenario:

If during the course of your supervision you become aware that personal problems were interfering with your ability to work effectively with clients, what would be your solution to the problem?

Assignment 2 - Ethics - words 300

Select a theoretical approach you most align with, discuss why the approach appeals to you and how the theory explains how change happens.

Assignment 3 - words - 350

What is your position on diagnosis (as you would explain it to clients)?

Make your journal entry meaningful and make sure your journal submission contains at least 300 words. Cite all sources used!

Assignment 4 words - 400

1) View the video on 'Teens Tell All' -

Video - ‘Teens Tell All' In Candid Talks About Drugs, Sexting, Hooking Up

2) What is different/similar to today's teen experiences to when you were a teenager? (minimum 1-2 paragraphs)

3) Did you learn anything new in the video? (minimum 1 paragraph)

4) How would you assist a teen who was dealing with some of the issues discussed in the video? Make sure you utilize information from the text or professional articles to support your statements versus just your opinion. CITE as needed (minimum 2 paragraphs)

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Assignment 1 - How personnel is going to tackle his personal problem while handling clients are provided here. Assignment 2 - The theory of change is elucidated here. Assignment 3 - The function and the position of a professional counsellor during the diagnosis are mentioned here. Assignment 4 - After watching the video the questions are answered accordingly. the difference between the two generations ( teenagers) has been explained. Social media has aggravated activities among teenagers. Parents require to be more supportive and caring for their children. Talking with their children in a gentle manner will not make them behave in an aggressive manner.

Reference no: EM132233881

Select your approach to resolve ethical dilemmas

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Illustrate out the term compatibilism. Compare and contrast soft and hard determinism, referring to philosophers who held each view. ( Mill, heisenberg,and Hume).

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I need help finding a song that containes any type of logical fallacy. Pleace include the name, type of fallacy, and why. (Cant be a song from the Beatles!)

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