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1. IMC Perspective 2-2 discusses the importance of the Hispanic market. What makes this subculture different, and what must marketers do to successfully target it?

2. Many actors and many alternatives merit consideration as the system tries to strike a balance between overutilization and underutilization and as the commercial aspects of health care become increasingly apparent. What would you change about these system if you were in charge of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services? Explain.  

3. Under the UCC Under the UCC, sellers may limit damages by way of a liquidated damages clause in the contract. Analyze and discuss your ruling for Discussion Question 1 (Basement Waterproofing) (p. 587). Then share your thoughts on whether you think liquidated damages should ever be permitted and whether there is a better “test” to determine when they are enforceable.

Reference no: EM132233835

Honest mistakes of judgment-poor business decisions

What must directors do to avoid liability for honest mistakes of judgment and poor business decisions? What is the “business judgment rule” and how does it relate to directors

Creating a prompt for an essay on too big to fail

Creating a prompt for an essay on "too big to fail" concerning a private and public policy issue. Also, I need 10 recourse cited in MLA style along with 2-3 sentences of claim

Performance method-individual-group or organizational

Choose a pay for performance method from the following categories: Individual, Group, or Organizational performance and use the Internet to locate the website of a company whi

Entrepreneurship into organizational strategy

The president of your company has recently announced the need for a greater effort to incorporate innovation and entrepreneurship into organizational strategy, and has asked y

Checking the number of monthly complaints

A city police chief decides to do an annual review of the police department by checking the number of monthly complaints. If the total number of complaints in each of the 12 m

Knowing that family constitution

Knowing that a Family Constitution/Charter provides a distinction between the family and the business while providing objectives and rules that govern the business what are so

How would you prepare workers for an overseas assignment

You've just been made a manager in Sweden, known for its institutional collectivism. What incentives and reward structures would you use to motivate your employees? How woul

Policy would be similar or different than written policy

For this assignment you will act as a manager and compose an email communicating a new policy to your employees. Some examples you could use include: dress code policy, cell p


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