Discusses latest findings in the nature vs nurture debate

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Click on the link below or copy and paste it into the Internet URL address box at the top of your browser and watch a brief Ted Talk about nature's vs. nurture's impact on development.

TEDxUIUC - Gene Robinson - Solving the "Nature vs Nurture" Dilemma


In this Ted Talks video, Dr. Gene Robinson, a department chair and professor at the University of Illinois, discusses the latest findings in the nature vs. nurture debate, including new knowledge about the human genome, highlighting the need to break down the false dichotomy between genes and the environment.

Think about and compare two people you know. Each one of these two individuals has what you might suspect is a genetic propensity for being a leader. In other words, you have seen evidence that both of these acquaintances of yours were born with leadership ability. However, one of your acquaintances has become a leader and the other has not. What can you identify as the difference, today, between these two personalities? First share why you think both of them have a genetic temperament to be a leader and then why you think one became a leader and the other did not. What main cause do you believe is the reason that one of them is a leader and the other is not? Or is there a main cause? Remember to take into account what Dr. Robinson tells us.

Reference no: EM13876113

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