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Its about landscape business we launching use my pdf for this paper I included mgmt-ip4 similar and I want similar like that but about landsaping

Write a 500 word narrative including the following:

The 1 creative exercise that you believe the team should use for this project A 1-sentence goal or objective of the exercise in creating idea generation for the product relaunch An explanation of how the exercise fits the project A description of the predicted outcome of the exerciseWikinomics argues for a new way of working that is collaborative and ideas driven.

A wiki is software that allows anyone with access to a computer to create, edit, and link web-pages, and is part of the development in which users of the web generate content.

The book discusses current collaborations to produce collective results and examines the possibilities of mass collaboration, open-source software, and new innovative working practices.


Don Tapscott (b. 1947) is chief executive and founder of New Paradigm, a think-tank and strategy consulting company. He teaches at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, and is the author of a number of books on business strategy and the digital economy.

Anthony D. Williams has been writing about trends in technology and society for over a decade. He advises Fortune 500 firms and international institutions, including the World Bank. He holds a masters in research from the London School of Economics and is vice president and executive editor at New Paradigm.


Discusses the new web approach, where sites such as MySpace, YouTube, and Flickr allow mass collaboration from participants in the online community.

Examines the success of Wikipedia, the user-edited online encyclopedia that is the main example of online collaborative efforts.

Provides ideas on how to apply wiki frameworks in your daily business.

Shows how you can expand your business capabilities and deliver value using collective intelligence.

Analyzes why it isn't possible to apply traditional business techniques to the internet, but that new

strategies are needed to accommodate change to the way organizations are run.


Proposes that sharing your company's dealings with the online community is good for its health and future progress.

Provides detail on how communities are being formed, and how individuals share ideas and intelligence, accelerate new product development, and efficiently create new revenue streams.

Discusses business benefits such as the reduced transaction costs possible with mass collaboration, and the new business models benefiting from openness, peering, sharing, and acting globally.

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Reference no: EM13862532

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