Discuss your position of lobbying for your interest group

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• Identify an official actor, an unofficial actor, and an interest group; then, analyze how power will affect agenda setting for a particular policy of your choice. Discuss how much power each needs to set the agenda and give an example to support your response.

• Explain what role the media might play in overcoming the "second face of power." Why does Birkland compare the third face to Marxist "False Consciousness"?

• Interest groups attempt to lobby their community, state, and federal policy makers in hopes of advocating their position. speculate how successful the special interest is based on the amount of money invested in lobbying and how much money per year that interest group spends lobbying (either federal, state, or both) for its cause or position.

• Discuss your position of lobbying for your interest group to implement or change a particular policy.

Reference no: EM131171332

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