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You are in charge of giving a trial final exam to classmates. Choose two problems from different areas of financial reporting that you studied in this course. Submit them as your initial post as early as possible with any instructions or "hints."

Question 2

Please use this forum to discuss the most interesting element of Advanced Accounting, and the most challenging element to you. Discuss your desires to steer your career path to this high level of the profession.

Question 3

When a company converts from one system to another, more than one department is affected. In a manufacturing company, list at least two departments that will be affected and describe what the affect will be on each. What happens if one department is forgotten in the planning process?

Reference no: EM131327882

Partially completed manufacturing cost schedule

Laser Tex Inc. manufactures low-end computer components within a relevant range of 100,000 to 140,000 disks per year.  Within this range, the following partially completed man

What are the limitations of sentiment analysis applications

What are the limitations of sentiment analysis applications? Given an example of how a company can use sentiment analysis. In your post give an evaluation of each of the senti

Religions believes

Which of the following religions believes that what is expected of humans is: to live spontaneously and close to nature and in more formal systems to meditate and perform rite

What percentage of parts will not meet the weight specs

Specifications for a part for a DVD player state that the part should weigh between 24 and 25 ounces. The process that produces the part yields a mean of 24.5 ounces and a sta

Describe the adult stage of postformal thought

Define and describe the adult stage of "postformal thought." Discuss Sinnott's criteria of "postformal" thought and apply it to interventions with adolescents who are at ris

Research paper on wedding traditions

This problem belongs to Religion and it's a research paper on wedding traditions from two different religions in the globe. The wedding ceremonies and traditions from Jewish

Describe if tenants need purchase extra property insurance

Additionally, is it legal for a tenant should they opt out of purchasing extra property insurance for the apt. that they are renting be charged an extra ten dollars a month

What might the comparison be in language and religion

Prior to sending your team to Saudi Arabia there are some aspects of the culture that everyone needs to know about. Research the culture with particular focus on the busin


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