Discuss why investments in human capital are important

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1. Employees are an organization’s biggest asset, yet they can walk out at any time and your investment is gone. Discuss why investments in human capital are important. Not unlike a great coach of a sport’s team, why is it that all is not lost if some of the team members quit?

2. Do you think arbitration should routinely be a required procedure (prior to filing a lawsuit)? Why or why not?"

3. If a provincial government passed a law prohibiting any person from expressing any criticism of any elected government official, on penalty of imprisonments, how might the law itself e challenged?

Reference no: EM132281057

Direct materials price-direct materials quantity variances

Tiger Company makes a product and uses the following standard unit costs for that product: Direct material quantity standard 6 pound per unit Direct material price standard $

Cost-leadership and differentiation business strategies

The Chapter Case states that P&G is pursuing a differentiation strategy. Looking at the value and cost drivers discussed in this chapter and the table entitled “Competitive Po

Criminal trials tutors in criminal justice or psychology

Select one of the stages of the criminal trial. Discuss two of the procedures that you believe comprise the most important stage in the criminal process. Provide a rationale r

What is new aftertax cost of debt

Terrier Company is in a 40 percent tax bracket and has a bond outstanding that yields 10 percent to maturity. b. Assume that the yield on the bond goes down by 1 percentage po

What are some of the strategic challenges facing chick

What are some of the strategic challenges facing Chick-Fil-A? In 2011, sales at Chick-fil-A (CFA), a southern U.S. restaurant chain, surpassed $4 billion, an increase of 13% o

BWB benefits from way they formulate their mission-vision

In what way BWB benefits from the way they formulate their mission and vision? Do these mission and vision also create problems for the company? What should BWB do to be susta

Give example of time when you jumped to conclusion

Give an example of a time when you jumped to a conclusion, or made a hasty inference, and made a   series of decisions based on that first faulty inference. Describe the situa

Civil rights act-prohibits discrimination based on race

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, and national origin in hiring firing, job assignments, pay, access to t


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