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As noted in your book, psychological testing is often used in behavioral and social research. Most colleges and universities have a committee dedicated to approving human participant research, called the Institutional Review Board. In the past, certain types of research undertaken using human participants have been considered unethical. Refer to the Stanford Prison Experiment study- http://www.prisonexp.org/, by clicking the title or the link provided below.

Based on the findings of this study and others, discuss what you consider to be important prerequisites for conducting research on human behavior by using human participants. Be sure to incorporate information on ethical principles drawn from the online content, the textbook, and other credible, scholarly sources such as the APA website listed below to substantiate the points you are making. Apply APA standards for citations of sources.

Explain the importance of the Zimbardo study in guiding our decision-making as related to testing and research.

Zimbardo, Z.P. (2009). The Stanford prison experiment. Retrieved from http://www.prisonexp.org/

American Psychological Association. (2010a). Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct 2010 Amendments. Standard 8 :

Research and Publication. Retrieved fromhttp://www.apa.org/ethics/code/index.aspx

American Psychological Association. (2010b). Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct 2010 Amendments. Standard 9 :

Assessment. Retrieved fromhttp://www.apa.org/ethics/code/index.aspx

Reference no: EM131248289

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