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1) Discuss what the history of immigration to the United States indicates about the nature of race/racism and/or ethnic groups, discrimination and prejudice, and ethnic hierarchies (as covered in the Race and Ethnicity in the United States class/readings) and how they change over time. Instead of just briefly summarizing U.S. immigration history, make sure you are applying one or more of the concepts discussed in the Race and Ethnicity class to understand aspects of US immigration history.

2) The differences in the average socioeconomic status and upward mobility of second generation immigrant minorities can be explained by many factors, such as the socioeconomic status of their immigrant parents, different levels of ethnic/racial discrimination, immigration policies/political contexts of reception (whether their parents were undocumented immigrants or legal immigrants), and their different rates of cultural assimilation. Indicate which of these you believe is the most important and second most important factors and briefly illustrate using Asian Americans or Hispanic/Latino Americans as an example of a second generation immigrant-descent minority.

Reference no: EM131371988

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