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1.Discuss how the use of technology (such as an HRIS) has helped to facilitate the evolution of HR from an administrative function to one that is more strategic. Provide examples from a managerial perspective. Select an era and discuss what HR did during that time and how it would be different today with the use of technology.

2.What are some ways that technology can help companies and leaders to manage compensation, benefits plans, and associated costs? How does managing employee compensation relate to overall business goals? Provide examples from a managerial perspective. Select an HRIS and discuss the ways that this system could be utilized to manage compensation and benefits.

Reference no: EM131200844

Contribution to the organization

Identify 2 departments in the organization and identify their contribution to the organization (i.e. medical records department/health information management manages the hea

Have we chosen the right employee

Imagine that you are the executive talent manager for a major global fortune 500 organization. You handle all of the Human Capital Management for the United States which has

Providing a stable and social environment for the employees

To Increase customer satisfaction by providing training center for our employees to develop their skills and abilities hence, their communication and interpersonal skills wi

Status of the age discrimination in employment act

Topic: What is the current status of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act? Is the legislation really necessary? Why or why not. Support your answer. How would you impro

Define leadership and communication

Define leadership and communication. Explain how these two relate to one another in the workplace. Explain the communication process that occurs in the workplace, and describ

Legal department of a major corporation

Question 1. As an assistant in the legal department of a major corporation, your supervisor has asked you to do some research on how various laws may be applied in an upcomi

Advantages and disadvantages of debt and equity financing

Write a one page paper about the differences between debt and equity financing. Also include the advantages and disadvantages of debt and equity financing. Remember that in

Discuss the various checkoff provisions

Why do unions generally place a high priority on negotiating checkoff provisions and provisions relating to union membership or contribution in their contracts with manageme


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