Discuss ways in which che guevara can represented as a hero

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Please answer the following essay question. In responding you should draw on course readingsand relevant content from lectures and videos. Present your response in clear, concise, and non-repetitive language. This exam is fundamentally a test of your ability to digest course content and to apply it to a "real life" context.

While an excellent answer always lives by its own rules, in general, your response should be at least 4-6 paragraphs in length. The exam should be typed, double-spaced (New Times Roman, 12pt font).

Please discuss ways in which Che Guevara can be/has been represented as a romantic hero, a totalitarian hero, or a mixture of both. Feel free to cite web-based commentaries on his life and legacy to highlight different visions/versions of his career.

Please use examples and cite the course texts-

Course Texts: M. Gregory Kendrick, The Heroic Ideal (2010); Jill Lepore, The Secret History of Wonder Woman (2014).

Reference no: EM13874211

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