Discuss various psychological-medical treatments

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Discuss various psychological and medical treatments for addictions and the controversies surrounding abstinence and controlling drinking as a goal of addiction treatment.

Discuss the effect of the DSM-V on our understanding of substance-related and impulse-control disorders.

Discuss the effect of the DSM-V on our understanding of personality disorders.

Describe the essential features of personality disorders according to DSM-IV-TR and why they are listed on Axis II.

Please a minimum and maximum of only two paragraphs. It should be more and less than 2 paragraphs.

Reference no: EM13486267

Analyze the effects of social-cultural and political

Analyze the effects of the social, cultural, and political influences in the delivery of healthcare services as they specifically pertain to quality improvement and risk manag

Discuss the benefits and limitations of virtual environments

Discuss the benefits and limitations of virtual environments in facilitating and improving intercultural communication, considering both the workplace and the e-learning con

What is the agency structure

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper that identifies a governmental or other agency, such as JCAHO, that governs the health care industry or a particular segment of the indust

List the elements of each crime and facts that establish

We could argue that the defendant had a key to Uma Opee's apartment and that is why there were no signs of forced entry. Also, the DNA evidence under the victims fingernail

What factors affect language acquisition

What factors affect language acquisition? Which factor do you believe has the largest influence on language acquisition? Why? When we do perceive mispronunciations correctly,

Religious groups and moslems worship

Religious groups that combine separation from society with new ideas and an emphasis on mystical experience fall into which religious types?

Cognitive behavioral and obsessive-compulsive disorder

Using the information in the texts on cognitive behavioral therapy and obsessive-compulsive disorder, what are some of your thoughts about Larry?

Interagency collaboration and homeland security

Consider, hypothetically, a small community called Plainsville, Colorado, which has a critical rail line running through it. On this line, hazardous chemicals are routinely


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