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Business Capstone Assessment: Network Yourself Presentation

This assessment is an individual assessment contributing to your total Unit mark. The task is for students to prepare a 3-minute presentation, marketing their skills and professional brand to potential employers. 

Assessment Objectives:

To demonstrate your understanding of 

  • your personal insight into your chosen career path and branding
  • your own strengths and weaknesses, your individual position in your chosen job market

Demonstrated research and understanding of the job market and what employers expect from graduates.

Your ability to market and present yourself appropriately to your potential employer. 

Learning Outcomes -

1. Apply critical thinking, both conceptualization and evaluation, to a range of business scenarios and issues;

2. Develop initiative and enterprise using problem-solving skills in a business context.

The Task  -

Your task is to prepare a 3-minute presentation pitch marketing yourself (your skills, experience, qualifications and traits) and your professional brand (what makes your stand out from the rest) to a potential employer. The presentation must address: 

  • your personal insight into your chosen career path (what career? What industry?) and your branding
  • your individual position in that job market (by conducting a SWOT, or a Force Field, or other chosen analysis)
  • your understanding of the job market/ industry including expected annual salary, what employers expect from graduates, career development and path within that market/industry, providing practical strategies for developing your career

As you are an Off Campus student you are not required to actually present this in person or via video. The task is for you to prepare a PowerPoint presentation (or Prezi, if you wish) with your script for each slide clearly written in the Notes section.

Remember all the presentation skills you've learned in other Business Edge units. Your presentation style, font, themes need to be appropriate for the employer and industry. The presentation slides should only have key points, which are accompanied by the script (what you would actually say). Do not overload your slides. You do not need to have animations and slide transitions, as you are not actually presenting this. The presentation content and timing does need to match up to the script which you will provide in the Notes section of your PowerPoint. The entire presentation if presented in real-life, should be 3 minutes in duration.

Attachment:- Assignment Files.rar

Reference no: EM131429113

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3/16/2017 3:35:31 AM

Show understanding of your individual position in that job market (by conducting a SWOT Analysis or a Force Field Analysis) Demonstrate your research and understanding of the job market including expected annual salary Demonstrate your knowledge of what employers expect from you as a Graduate Outline your practical strategies for progressing your career.


3/16/2017 3:35:24 AM

The assignment instructions are given in Assessment 1 Instruction 3500.PDF File. You have to prepare minimum 5 slides are per requirement. You have to use all the course resources attached with this mail. Reflect your personal insight into your chosen career path and branding.

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