Discuss two ways in which gender stereotyping has harmed

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Discussion One

"Streaming Live and Harlem Renaissance" Please respond to one of the following, using sources under the Explore heading as the basis of your response:

• Write for one minute using the stream of consciousness writing method (Note: You may also type it offline and copy it within this discussion thread). Describe your experience and your reaction to what you wrote. Of the samples of the stream of consciousness technique given in this week's chapters, determine which you prefer and explain the reasons why.

• Of the various authors, artists, and musicians who participated in the Harlem Renaissance, identify the person whose autograph you would most want, and explain the reasons why. Provide one example that illustrates the reason why you selected the person that you did.


Streaming Live

• Chapter 35 (pp. 1163-1166); Chapter 36 (p. 1189), stream of consciousness - background and samples

• Method and exploration of stream-of-consciousness writing at http://dversepoets.com/2012/05/24/stream-of-conscousness-writing/

• Writing a stream: http://thewritepractice.com/stream-of-consciousness/ and http://literarydevices.net/stream-of-consciousness/

Harlem Renaissance

• Chapter 36 (pp. 1172-1180); review the Week 8 "Music Folder"

• Website and video at http://www.history.com/topics/harlem-renaissance

Discussion 2

Please respond to the following:

• Review the article / video below, which sets the stage for your discussion response.

o Did Target ignore data breach warnings? (2:55)


• Based on the video, did the company presented in the video allow a breach of security based on the laws and ideas discussed in the text? Why or why not? What was done to help remedy the situation, and was it enough based on the legal standard? What legal steps should the company take (or should the company have taken) to avoid personal identity or information from being compromised? Be sure to support your response.

Discussion 3

Please put answer with question

1. A click through rate is the percentage of visitors to an Internet site who click on an advertisement link. Briefly explain, in your opinion, what a marketer can do to get consumers to click on the advertising link and follow through with a purchase.

2. Name a product that you believe would be a good fit to advertise on social media (ie. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube). Briefly explain why you chose that specific product.

3. When you are asked for your email or social media information by a company with which you conduct business, how readily do you provide the information? Briefly explain your answer

Discussion 4

"Gender Stereotypes" Please respond to the following:

• From the e-Activity, discuss at least two ways in which gender stereotyping has harmed society in social, economic, and cultural terms. Suggest two to three examples of such harm in action in your response. Justify your response.

• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibugG89odt0.

Note: Discussion responses may include information from your personal life, discussion about your friends' or family members' lives, or examples from life in general. You are not required to solely use personal examples if you are not comfortable doing so.

Reference no: EM131197839

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