Discuss the workforce planning process

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Text book is Strategic Staffing third edition by Phillips & Gully, chapter 5, The name of the class is BHR 4601, Staffing organizations, Columbia Southern University.

Discuss the workforce planning process. After discussing each step, explain what would happen if an organization did not follow the workforce planning process. Explain from the perspective of the employer and the employees.

Reference no: EM131368739

Implement the leader vision by creating processes-procedure

The 21st century manager is a person who can implement the leader’s vision by creating processes, procedure, and short term goals that forward the vision, purpose, culture, an

Determine the average time customers

Determine the average time customers spend at the machine, including waiting in line and completing transactions. (Do not round intermediate calculations. Round your answer

New understanding and professional practice

Current Understanding. Explore how your understanding of the U.S. health care system has changed. Consider questions such as: What ideas were confirmed? What surprises did you

Corporations-public employees or private employees

Analyze the duty of loyalty in whistleblower cases to determine to whom loyalty is owed and who shows the greater duty of loyalty. Support your analysis with specific examples

Concept of globalization-impact global supply chains

Based on the concept of globalization, many businesses operate and compete in a global environment. Reflecting on your own experience, please describe the additional factors t

Companies possess limited budgets to fund employee benefits

Companies possess limited budgets to fund employee benefits. From an employee’s perspective, which employee benefits practices should be funded? Which are easily dispensable?

Terms of speed and quality while reducing waste and costs

From the first e-Activity, examine at least three different types of waste that can be found in an organization of your choice. Suggest the lean strategies to confront them. R

Strategy and performance implications

Explain the concept of strategic groups and their strategy and performance implications. How is the Internet and digitally based capabilities affecting the five competitive fo


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