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Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of the learning team assignment is to offer students the opportunity to investigate their understanding of how globalization affects a company's strategic plan. Additional objectives include allowing students to assess the effectiveness of strategic alliances in the growth process of a company and to understand the necessity for innovation to create a sustainable long-term organizational environment. The students will also identify how organizational structures facilitate company growth and controls in the global environment.

Assignment Steps

Create a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation (excluding the title slide and references) with speaker notes and address the following topics:

Evaluate the effects of globalization on strategic management planning. Assess how strategic alliances can facilitate global strategic growth. Discuss the three types of innovation and how each type can contribute to long-term strategic growth. Identify three Organizational Structures best suited for optimal global operations.

Cite 3 scholarly references, including at least one peer-reviewed reference the University Library.

Reference no: EM131385359

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