Discuss the role of music in a single film

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Project 1: Discuss the role of music in a single film created in 1970 or before

Length: 3-5 pages or longer if you use wide margins, big print, or pictures

You can choose any film even if it is discussed in the text. You are not limited to Hollywood films, as international films are acceptable. A bibliography is not needed; use footnotes only when appropriate. Please follow the same submission guidelines as for the exam essays.

Remember: This project is about music. Do not spend much time in plot description. You do not need to write about all of the music in a film. You can choose a point of view or some aspect of the music in the movie and focus on that.

Best Internet Resource

HYPERLINK "http://www.IMDb.com" www.IMDb.com

Submission Guidelines

Format: typed with double-spacing

Use a formal writing style. Grammar and spelling will be considered.

Use doc, docx, or pdf designations only

Reference no: EM131446017

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