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Discussion Post - Business and Society

"Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Global Citizenship" Please respond to the following:

1. For this post discuss the pros and cons of CSR, but with a twist. Students whose last name ends in M - Z will post their initial response to this question from a Con perspective - who believe, as Milton Friedman does, the 'business of business is business'.

2. Make your case whether business should focus on maximizing their investors' returns (Con) or balance their responsibility to their investors with their responsibilities to their other stakeholders (Pro). List at least two examples that support your position. Be sure to use terms and resources from Chapter 3, to demonstrate your understanding of corporate social responsibility.

• Chapter 3 has been attached.
• Please respond to this discussion from a Con perspective.

Attachment:- Chapter-3.pdf

Reference no: EM131350358

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