Discuss the payroll process for an organization
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Payroll accounting 1 page research paper

Write a one page research paper in which you discuss the payroll process for an organization. Choose an existing company or other organization and speculate the payroll process best suited for that organization based on information you can find on using library resources. Databases you might consider searching would be Business Source Complete via EBSCO, Business via ProQuest, or a general education database like Academic Search Complete.

Start your paper with an introduction that includes a very brief description of the organization you chose. Your description should mention the purpose of the organization and the approximate number of employees. Is it a local company, national company, or international company? Your introductions should be approximately three sentences. Your first sentence should be a concise description of the company. The last two sentences should tell the reader what the paper is about. Avoid using "I", "my", "the paper", or "this paper" in your sentences. Every sentence should start with a subject, which is some aspect of the topic of the paper. For example, "The payroll process . . . ." or "The company should . . ."

After you speculate the appropriate payroll system, describe the payroll process the company would use in some detail in the body of the paper. Would the company use a manual system, an automated system, a payroll service, or some combination? What steps does the payroll process include? This is the discussion or body of the paper and should include proper headings. This is a very short paper (1 page), so you will likely have room for only one or two heading at most. Keep the paragraphs short and concise. Note that a paragraph must include at least three sentences at a minimum.

Be sure to include a concluding paragraph. The basic structure of a conclusion is a summary of the main points. Each section of the discussion represents a main point. Write one sentence to concisely summarize the pain point and end the conclusion with a final thought. The concluding paragraph should be at least three sentences.

Keep in mind that this is a research paper; and, as such, should be informed by your research sources. Include a minimum of three references in your paper. Your textbook can count as one of your sources. You will also need to include a reference page with this paper.

Again, your paper should be approximately a page in length, not including the cover page and the references. Be sure to:

Include an introductory paragraph at the beginning and a concluding paragraph at the end

Use subject headings to label the body of your paper as appropriate

To include APA citations to support your assertions and to inform your paper

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