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Production and Operations Management:

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"Fresh From Earth
Hana Water's brand image is a quality water product, set at a competitive price.

Behind each bottle coming out of the new factory is a simple process where the water is purified and filtered as it comes out of the ground. The water and mineral quality is checked, to ensure that it meets local and international standards, then it is packaged and distributed so that it meets the customers requirements. Since the factory makes its own bottles and lids, costs are kept down a similar point is behind the transport network, where Hana do not have to rely on any outside company to distribute the water Kingdom-wide." (http://www.hanawater.com/en/our-water [cited 14/11/2015])


Critically evaluate the operations strategy and performance objectives of Hana Bottling Company. Is there a strategic fit?

(You are to assume that Hana Water product is at the growth stage of the Product Life Cycle.)

*Choose a framework to help you answer the questions correctly

Guide to the task

1. Process Map of Hana Water production operation.

Draw and discuss Hana Water process map.


2. Operations performance objectives

Discuss the operations objectives adopted at Hana Water? The relationship between the selected objective(s) and the elements of the operation process are to be clearly explained.

3. Strategic fit of operations at Hana Water.

Critically evaluate the fit of the performance objectives you chose in section 3 and the market requirements for Hana Water product. The product is at the growth stage of the Product Life Cycle. Discuss the challenges for operations.

4. Operations improvement

What changes would you recommend to Hana in order to improve the strategic fit of the operations? You are to take into consideration the outcomes of sections 2 and 3.

Your analysis should draw on classical and contemporary discussions in the literature and be fully referenced. Harvard system

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Reference no: EM13898748

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