Discuss the mechanistic versus organic organization design

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For this assignment, you will construct a paper focusing on a topical area that is related to the "design essentials" of organization theory.

You may choose from the list of topics contained in the document below (page 2Individual Research Topics). Once you have selected a topic, address at least four of the following ‘design essentials' of an organization in your paper:

• Tools to adapt to a changing environment.

• The role of managers in shaping organizations to perform well and meet the needs of society.

• Designing organizations to achieve both efficiency and effectiveness.

• Organization design elements: the technical core, top management, middle management, technical support, and administrative support.

• Mechanistic versus organic organization design.

• Open organization systems that interact with the environment.

Directions for Submission

Using this information, the Assignment Rubric and the Individual Research Topics below, develop a 7 page (not including your title and reference pages) APA formatted paper in a word document of your choice, such as Microsoft Word. Your paper should be professionally written and concise.

Please be sure to cite and reference theories or concepts from class as well as outside research. Make sure you have a clear introduction, body (headings and subheadings), and conclusion to your work. Include a clear thesis statement at the end of your first paragraph.

Individual Research Topics

? Balanced Scorecard
? Benchmarking
? Business Process Reengineering
? Chaos Theory
? Core Competencies
? Corporate Entrepreneurship
? Corporate Social Responsibility
? Corporate Culture
? Differentiation Strategy
? Disruptive Change
? Diversity
? Downsizing
? E-Business
? Empowerment

? Enterprise Resource Planning
? Forecasting
? Globalization
? Information Technology
? Innovation
? Intellectual Capital
? Intergroup Conflict
? International or Global Capabilities
? Job Design
? Job Enrichment
? Joint Ventures
? Knowledge Management
? Labor-management Teams
? Leadership

? Manufacturing Technologies
? Mass Customization
? Organization Development
? Open Systems
? Organic Design
? Organizational Design
? Organization Theory
? Organizational Change
? Organizational Innovation
? Outsourcing
? Porter's Competitive Strategies
? Power
? Product Life-Cycle Management
? Organizational Purpose

? Scenario Planning
? Six Sigma
? Specialization
? Stakeholders
? Strategic Intent
? Supply Chain Management
? Sustainability
? Tacit Knowledge
? Technology
? Uncertainty
? Values-Based Leadership
? Virtual Teams
? Whistle-Blowing
? Win-Win Strategies

Reference no: EM132279902

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