Discuss the match or mismatch between parenting styles

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Parenting Style

According to clinical assistant professor, Anita Gurian, there are four types of parenting styles: authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, and uninvolved. Parenting styles include the behaviors, actions, and spoken words of our primary caregivers. The different parenting styles impact and influence child development in a number of positive and negative ways. Parenting styles also impact how we view ourselves and the world around us, which in turn impacts our temperament (Gurian, n.d.). The relationship between child and parent is often impacted by the match or mismatch between parenting style and the temperament of the child (often referred to as "Goodness of Fit") (Thomas & Chess, 1977).
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Initial Post - Read the article Parenting styles/children's temperaments: The match by Anita Gurian. Then, answer the following questions by writing at least one paragraph for each response.

• Explain the specific impact parenting styles have on two issues related to child development. Examples include: obesity, resiliency, social-deviance, self-esteem, school performance, cognitive flexibility, and emotional intelligence. Provide examples from at least one outside scholarly resource in addition to your textbook.

• Discuss the match or mismatch between parenting styles and their child's temperament.

• How can we as professionals help close this gap? What can you do in your professional role to mediate the conflict?

Reference no: EM131307165

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