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One of your old college roommates who now lives in New York City just called you. He said he was on vacation this week attending a cross-dressing convention, and got a call from his boss. His boss told him he just lost his job in a layoff along with 50 other employees in the same private-sector company with 850 employees (pre-layoff). His boss told him he was being laid off effective immediately because he refused to take a lie detector test concerning drugs found in his company locker. He also refused to take a drug test because he was afraid that a false positive would result in the state child protection agency taking away custody of his children. Discuss the legal ramifications of this situation.

Reference no: EM131086299

Problem identification and construction of twos matrix

Your duty is to identify the main problems/issues that your firm is currently facing, and also identify a set of secondary problems. Main or primary issues are those requiri

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Introduction (including the locality chosen and general socio-economic info on your locality) At least five body paragraphs presenting the social or economic characteristics

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Compare and contrast job design approaches and their relevance to an employee's job performance. Identify and discuss the five core job characteristics in the Job Characteri

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Incentives in motivating to increase performance levels

What forms of incentives are most effective in motivating you to increase your performance levels? What forms are the least effective?

Review two major journals in marketing

Identify which two technologies are changing the some areas of the marketing field Describe the technologies (major components), Describe the business processes and results th

What is the critical path

a. Develop an AON network for this problem. b. What is the critical path? c. What is the total project completion time? d. What is the slack time for each individual activity?

Illustrate what are your candidates for bad design

Make a list of the factors which make a design unworkable. Which one of the designs on the website is your favourite? Illustrate what are your candidates for bad design?


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