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Select an organisation within Australia and make a report along with presentation slides.

Which has information which has details in it which needs to be included in the presentation and also in the report.


Presentation Details:

• The opening of the presentation should include an introduction of yourself and your student number.

• The presentation should not be longer than 15 mins.

• If there are two members in the team each member needs to present.

Choosing a Topic:

Review the current paper, internet and resources. Decide on topic, review if required with lecturer.

1. Present the Case Study. Identify and analyse the issues and the implications.

For example: What is this about? What are the key issues? Who are the stakeholders?

2. Discuss the issues in your case study in the context of this Ethics unit its components.

Some Examples Listed:

Milton Friedman's doctrine on the goal of a firm




Ethical Theories


Environmental Issues


Self Interest/Personal Gain


Social Media


Triple bottom line


the Whistle-blower


CSR narrow view and broad view




Abuse of power


role of bribery

3. Discuss the legal and social framework? What implications/remedies are available?

4. What steps would need to be put in place to:

• combat and minimise the risk of future unethical or immoral practices

• enhance its reputation, corporate governance and or CSR systems

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Reference no: EM13879262

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