Discuss the legal and ethical issues surrounding solyndra

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Reflecting on the concepts you have studied in the course, discuss the legal and ethical issues surrounding Solyndra, the California based solar panel manufacturer. You will need to research the company through the University library. Your essay should include the following:

1) Incorporate two to three specific laws that apply to the situation.

2) Apply three general legal concepts that were discussed in the required readings, i.e. Appendix B or other materials from the required readings. Make sure you include in-text citations to the course materials, as failing to cite your sources will result in no credit in this section.

3) Discuss how the philosophy of economist Milton Friedman may have influenced the executives of the company.

4) Identify an ethical framework other than Free Market Ethics that applies to this situation and discuss how it may have influenced the executives of the company.

Your essay should be 1800 - 2450 words and in APA format. Use at least seven credible sources for your essay, including at least two sources from the University library. Submit this essay as a Microsoft Word attachment in the Assignmentsection of the class, no later than Sunday of week seven.

Reference no: EM131226632

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