Discuss the land assemblage problem

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Land Assemblage Problem

How does building on undeveloped land differ from building on developed land from an economic standpoint? Discuss the land assemblage problem as it relates to urban renewal. List and discuss possible contradictions between the goals of urban renewal and related outcomes. Respond to at least two of your classmates' postings.

Methods of Analysis

How does model analysis compare to cost benefit analysis regarding transportation planning? What political elements are involved with transportation planning for cities? Would you recommend a single method of analysis or a combination of methods of analysis for transportation planning? Why? Lastly, discuss the nature of allocating funds derived from the public budget. Why is there considered to be a ‘lack of consensus' regarding the public budgeting process? Respond to at least two of your classmates' postings.

Reference no: EM13803448

Are there any limitations identified in the article

Is the design appropriate to address the research question? Were the independent variable(s) and dependent variable(s) clearly identified? Identify the independent variable

Learn new attributes of the product-service

Since Uber is considered a new product, consumers are required to learn new attributes of the product/service. Some consumers may be required to change their existing behavi

What is the typical difference between these two situations

Impression management is something that we all employ from time to time to achieve certain goals in our life. Sometimes we want to appear likable, other times we want to app

Describe in detail types of mental health problems

What kinds of services are needed to address the mental health and other human services needs of our military? For each service you identify, indicate whether it best fits t

Explain the ways in which the problems of social science

Explain the ways in which the problems of social science differ from those of the exact natural sciences? what are the advantahes of the interdiciplinary approach to the study

Escalation of commitment in play in gm decision

Throughout its existence, Saturn has never turned a profit for General Motors. Research the history of Saturn and GM's decision to continue funding it (although GM has now d

Hypothetical research study

Write a research report based on hypothetical research study. Conducting research and writing report is common practice for numerous students and practitioners in any of the

Who were the barbarians

Who were the barbarians. How did the civilization of southwest Asia spread among the barbarians. What did the early Greeks (after about 800 B.C.) adopt from other peoples


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