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Your firm has had a regular occurrence of formal grievances being filed, with some of them going to the very last step of arbitration. You want to make sure that Jane knows how this whole process works, and you draft a white paper to give her (and the CEO, for his reference) a road map of what actually happens. Your white paper will cover the following specific points:

• What are the typical steps in most union contract grievance procedures? (There are usually at least 4 steps.)

• In reference to a collective bargaining agreement, what is the arbitration step all about?

• Research an actual arbitration case involving a company and its union.

• Use this site https://www.nlrb.gov/cases-decisions/board-decisions or others you may find to choose a case.

• Discuss the key relevant issues.
o Discuss the arbiter's ruling.

o Do you think the arbiters ruling was fair? Why, or why not?

o What broader ramifications might this ruling have had for that company and that union?

Reference no: EM13981191

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