Discuss the importance of workplace diversity acceptance

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1. Discuss the importance of workplace diversity acceptance in producing a healthy and productive work environment.

2. Research small businesses and compile a list of characteristics that are commonly found in small businesses that prove successful.

3. Discuss the benefits and weaknesses of buying a stake in an established franchise instead of starting your own business concept.

4. Discuss how globalization complicates the process of owning and running a business as well as how it increases profitability.

5. Saving money on mortgage financing; making an extra mortgage payment once a year can save you thousands of dollars in interest.

6. What are the pitfalls associated with having too much revolving credit or applying for credit cards with high interest rates.

7. Discuss how a high debt-to-income ratio and a large number of open credit card accounts can lower your credit score.

8. Discuss credit card penalties, such as expensive fees for missing credit card payments or paying late.

9. A topic that discusses mortgage rates, types of mortgages, loan terms, interest over the life of a loan, closing costs, government fees or mortgage pay-off penalties.

10. Discuss ways individuals go about securing major loans, such as meeting income requirements, establishing strong credit scores and negotiating fees and interest rates.

11. Discuss the importance of obtaining insurance policies to protect yourself, your property and your purchases, should accidents or theft occur.

12. A topic that considers retirement plans and investment opportunities as soon as you land your first major job: 401k planning, IRA contributions, annuities, stock options, bonds and certificate of deposits.

13. How do you design an investment portfolio: risks, types of investments, liquidity, return expectations?

Reference no: EM132279934

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