Discuss the importance for method in a business environment

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Business Communications

There are various methods of communications in which can be very effective in the organisation. These include:

Letters and Memos 10
Meetings 10
Email 10

Social Media 10
Online Chat 10
Internet and Intranet 10

Discuss the importance for each method in a business environment, also state the advantages and disadvantages of each

Reference no: EM132184654

He earnings per share for vic corporation is

The Stock of VIC Corporation is trading at $39.63. The price-earnings ratio is 16 times earnings. The earnings per share for VIC Corporation is... A)$2.84 B)$2.48 C)$4.96

Explain what your plane leaves in minutes

You are travelling on business in West Africa. As you are leaving country X the passport control officer at the airport tells you there will be a delay of 12 hours in the "p

News releases on behalf of a client or employer

A common activity of public relations practitioners is to write news releases on behalf of a client or employer. At times, the content and choice of words in a news release

Summarize the external market opportunities

The  objectives are to summarize the external market Opportunities and Threats facing your client company, describe its own internal Strengths and Weaknesses (SWOT table) an

Most important financial statement

Some financial analysts/accountants think that the Statement of Cash Flows is the most important financial statement. Do you agree or disagree with this? Why or why not?

Responsibilities of each department in a lodging facility

What are the roles and responsibilities of each department in a lodging facility as it applies to guest services and should a lodging facilites Back of House (BOH) operation

Focus on development of sustainment metrics

"In which phase of the life cycle does the Life Cycle Sustainment Plan(LCSP) focus on development of sustainment metrics to influence design, the product support strategy, a

Comparing and contrasting two types of organizations

In what type of organization do you think would be most effective for my leadership style, and in what organization would it be least effective? Compare and contrast these t


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