Discuss the importance for method in a business environment

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Business Communications

There are various methods of communications in which can be very effective in the organisation. These include:

Letters and Memos 10
Meetings 10
Email 10

Social Media 10
Online Chat 10
Internet and Intranet 10

Discuss the importance for each method in a business environment, also state the advantages and disadvantages of each

Reference no: EM132184654

Determining a loan payment amount

Determining a Loan Payment Amount. If you borrow $8,000 with a 5 percent interest rate, to be repaid in five equal yearly payments, what would be the amount of each payment?

Main function and a function called swap

Write a program that contains both a main function and a function called swap. Your main program should read in two integer values from the keyboard and then call the functi

Resource or capability is for competitors

The more difficult and costly a resource or capability is for competitors to imitate, the more likely that is can provide a sustainable competitive advantage. Resources are

Explain technical operation of potential technology involved

Explain the technical operation of the potential technologies involved, their efficiencies, likely load factors, an indication of likely payback periods and any technical li

Cashless collar with a financial institution

A company enters into a cashless collar with a financial institution: How much will the company receive from the financial institution upon physical settlement of natural gas

Would ikea be described as global or a transnational firm

IKEA The first few years of the twenty-first century were difficult for IKEA,- What does it mean to say that, in terms of Porter's generic strategies, IKEA pursues a strategy

New millenium free cash flow last year

New Millenium Company earned $2.1million in net income last year. It took depreciation deductions of $305,000 and made new investments in working capital and fixed assets of

How will you tailor your approach to each manager

How will you tailor your approach to each manager based on your knowledge of each of them? What do you feel are the strengths and weaknesses of each manager's approach to mana


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