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There are two short cases at the end of the Daft. The first is Lisa Benavides, Forest International and the second is Acme and Omega. Choose one of the cases and

1) Using our class readings, answer the three questions at the end of the case and

2) Discuss the implications for your current or a past job setting or one of our presentations.


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Case Analysis:

The present report is an overview of "Forest international", a multibillion dollar company located outside Georgia, Atlanta. The company is one of the oldest in the region and it is located in a region where there are several hazardous companies situated in; to name a few there are paper mills, hazardous chemical companies, as well companies discharging pollution gases etc.

As a whole it can be said that the company is not situtated in a safe zone. Apart from this, analysis of the worker safety and their safety records in the company indicates that there are number of people faced ,minor or major accidents while working in the company during their tenure. The work culture in the company at present is not encouraging in the safety point of view.

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