Discuss the impact of the black plague on western society
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Research Paper:

• Requirements:

o 7 - 10 pp (single-sided, double-spaced, 12 pt. font - Times New Roman, Cambria or similar)

o 1 inch margins on all sides

o Choose your topic from a list of prompts. You should make a cogent, persuasive argument to prove your thesis statement. I will be available to help you with your topic of choice.

o Cite all sources using either MLA format or Chicago Manual of Style. Either is acceptable, but should be an appropriate, correct usage of the selected style.

o Grammar, spelling, and standard writing conventions will be part of your grade.

o Sources: 5-8 academic sources. You must use at least 2 books (your textbook is NOT an acceptable source for this paper). Other acceptable sources include journal articles, some web sources (need to be approved in advance), and various primary sources.

o Topic (to be chosen in coordination with the instructor) should be from the time period and geographic areas covered in the text.

• You may submit your paper early but ten points will be deducted per day for each day a paper is late. I will not accept papers that are turned in more than three days past the due date. You must submit your paper in the drop box under the "Research Paper" folder. Emailing me your paper as an attachment is not acceptable. Saying you sent your paper but it did not go through is not a valid excuse for me not receiving your paper.

• Prompts: Choose one of the following prompts on which to write your research paper.

o Assess the importance of the Greeks on modern Western Civilization.

o Assess the importance of the Romans on modern Western Civilization.

o Assess the importance of Christianity on modern Western Civilization.

o Which military was the most impressive? Why? (Time period: circa 750 BCE - 1600 CE)

o Discuss the importance of the Roman Catholic Church ("the Church") 1100 CE - 1689 CE).

o Discuss the impact of the Black Plague on Western society (be sure to include the Church, government, economies, people).

o Discuss the changing role of women over the period from about 750 BCE to 1600 CE.

o Discuss the impact of the Renaissance on early Modern Western Civilization.

o "Henry VIII was more influential than his daughter Elizabeth I." Assess the validity of the statement.

o "The age of exploration was the most influential period of European history prior to 1689." Assess the validity of the statement.

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