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Read the case study "Fair Trade Coffee: the Mainstream Debate" (Locke et al, 2011) on which the assignment is based.

Answer the following questions based on the case and the critical application of relevant strategic management theories

1. Use Porter's value chain and value system (Johnson et al 2014, p.83ff) to discuss the impact of Fair Trade coffee on both large and small companies

2. Comment on whether Fair Trade has a Differentiation or a Focus strategy (Johnson et al 2014, p193) at present and how things might change in future

3. What capabilities (Johnson et al 2014, pp.68ff) do those advocating Fair Trade possess? What other commodities or products could they take down a similar path?

4. The last sentence of the case (Locke et al, 2011, p.17) is "In the end it came down to what was more important for producers: access to markets or price premiums?"

Advise FLO which of these two alternatives is the best way forward for the producers. Make use of your analyses and the theory referenced in previous questions in developing your answer.

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Reference no: EM13739821

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