Discuss the idea that traditional banks may be dying
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The textbook authors discuss the idea that traditional banks may be dying. The argument states that some authorities believe that traditional banks still exist only because governments subsidize them with cheap deposit insurance, while other authorities argue that banks are being "regulated to death."

Find a relatively current article that addresses one side of this issue; provide a brief review (a paragraph or two) of the article's content; and then add your opinion on the concept that banks may be dying. The article chosen should be AT LEAST 12 paragraphs long and less than 3 years old.


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This paper is about traditional banking and how shadow banking have prevailed over it in the recent years . The advantage of traditional banking

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    Please help with this assignment and use citations and scholarly references throughout that are less than three years old...thanks! The article chosen should be AT LEAST 12 paragraphs long and less than 3 years old.

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