Discuss the historical development of communication

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"Effective Communication and Practical Reflection"

Please respond to the following:

•Effective communication is essential for successful police professionals and law enforcement organizations.

Discuss the historical development of communication technologies and explain any pros and/or cons of these technological advances.

•This week we will continue with what you plan to do after your graduate from Strayer. In Week 1, you were asked about where you wanted to work.

This week, please describe the Agency or Organization that you want to work for or a promotion that you are currently seeking.

Discuss its mission, culture, and how you will fit in once you have your degree.

Reference no: EM132280403

Criminal justice-in agency investigated a robbery

Using the UCR system, in an agency investigated a robbery that ended in an assault & a murder, with a weapon charge, How would the UCR report the incident? How would NIBRS rep

Which strategy did you think was more effective and why

Summarize each article and compare and contrast the sourcing approaches in each article.Identify the factors that were important in each sourcing strategy and whether the so

Percentage of defective items in the shipment

If she wishes to determine, within 1 percentage point and with 99% confidence, the percentage of defective items in the shipment, how large a simple random sample would be n

Impartial jury

An "impartial jury" must-consist of persons who represent a fair cross-section of the community. be experts to consider testimony.

Write a letter to a policymaker

The last component, Part 4, of your Final Project is to write a letter to the policymaker that focuses on your support or opposition to a health care policy issue you select

Feelings are heavily influenced by role and status

“Behavior and feelings are heavily influenced by role and status.” Name a social psychology study that provided powerful evidence that this may be true: ______________________

Create a plan to address power outages in your home

Successful online students plan their activities and their time so they can accomplish their professional and academic goals. To be a successful online learner, you will nee

Private security laws

describing the laws governing legal authority and licensing requirements for private security companies and officers in your state. If you determine your state has no such sta


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