Discuss the factors that influence internal pay structures

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1 : Internal Alignment and Job Analysis

Job Analysis

Job analysis has been considered the cornerstone of human resource management. What is job analysis? Describe the job analysis process. What are some challenges with the job analysis process? How does it support managers making pay decisions?

2 : Internal Alignment and Job Analysis

Internal Consistency

What is a pay structure? Discuss the factors that influence internal pay structures. Based upon your own experience and research, which ones do you feel are the most important? Why are these the most important? What impact do they have on the design of the internal pay structures?

Reference no: EM131157149

What is your definition of compensation

Discuss the companies' compensation strategies and see whether there is a fit between organization and strategy. Are the business conditions, customers served, and employee sk

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Unions have a significant impact on compensation design. Union contracts and negotiations determine how compensation will function in many companies. How has the role of uni

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Does your current (or previous) organization have a strategy in place to communicate its benefits plan to employees? If so, how effective is it, and what can be done to impr

Describe the components of an executive compensation plan

Briefly describe what gain-sharing and profit-sharing plans involve. What conditions should exist prior to implementation to make it easier to implement? What are the advant


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