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The Communicative Role of Lighting in Film and Digital Photography Essay

Essay: Discuss the expressive and communicative role of light in film and digital photography. In 500 words or more, discuss the role of both natural, available, and studio lighting in the development of photography as an art form.

a. Natural, available lighting, including direct, diffused, silhouette, and direct-diffused.

b. Definition of light.

c. The use of lighting in Pictorialism.

d. The use of lighting as a design element in Straight/Modernist photography.

e. Compare and contrast the use of lighting in Pictorialist and Modernist photographs.

f. The use of Rembrandt lighting in historical photographs and contemporary applications.

g. Select a photograph from the history of photography and discuss the quality of light in the image.

Reference no: EM131335874

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