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This midterm is designed to assess your understanding of the composers, styles, instrumentation, and cultural contexts from specific genres in the periods we have explored to this point in the course. You will select and fully address at least one question from each genre. Your completed midterm will be four separate essay responses consisting of one to two paragraphs per essay (a minimum of 100 words per essay, no more than 200 words). 

You will select and fully address at least one question from each genre. Your completed midterm will be four separate essay responses consisting of one to two paragraphs per essay.

Each essay will contain at least one citation that identifies a musical work or secondary source to support your analysis and interpretation of the era. In some instances the specific type of citation or source you should use is specified. If no specific type is specified you are required to cite your own to support your interpretation and analysis.

Sacred Music in the Middle Ages

a) How do the main sacred genres of this time (chant, the mass ordinary, etc.) represent the cultural emphasis on sacred ideologies that exemplified the Middle Ages?

b) Discuss the evolving musical language of the period, with attention to the transition from monophony to polyphony, as represented by the sacred music of this time. Select and discuss one specific musical example from the Middle Ages.

Secular Song in the Renaissance

a) How does the growing interest (composers, performers, and/or audiences) in secular song reflect the humanistic values (humanism) of the Renaissance?

b) Choose one secular song (such as the madrigal) from this time and discuss specific methods by which the meaning of the text is enhanced by the musical setting.

New Genres in the Baroque

a) As large-scale vocal compositions emerged during the Baroque, composers developed different vocal textures to fulfill the requirements of narrative storytelling (either to move the story forward or to add dramatic focus to specific moments or events). Choose an excerpt from a large-scale vocal composition (opera, oratorio, cantata) from the Baroque era and discuss how one of these new vocal genres (specifically recitative or aria) enhances that particular narrative.

b) Discuss ritornello form and musical contrast (dynamics, instruments, tempo, etc.) in a specific instrumental musical selection from the Baroque (such a movement from a concerto).

The Symphony in the Classical Era

a) How does the emergence of the symphony, as a genre, reflect the cultural values and history associated with the Enlightenment?

b) Discuss sonata form and the expanded instrumental textures in a specific symphonic or solo concerto movement from the Classical era (Haydn, Mozart, or Beethoven).

Reference no: EM13265282

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