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Part A:

What is corporate social responsibility?

Discuss the three elements of social responsibility.

When discussing CSR, there's always the discussion of the cost associated (financial performance) with it. What is the relationship between financial performance and CSR?

Part B:

Read the article (WSJ-posted) Patagonia's Founder is America's Most Unlikely Business Guru. Discuss how Chouinard's has implemented CSR. Cover all aspects of CSR you see used and apply these principles to the Chouinard philosophies and Patagoina practices.

Part C:

What are the factors that influence managerial ethics? Why is the example of company leaders considered perhaps the strongest influence on integrity in a corporate culture?

Part D:

Explain deontological ethics and then apply how this concept applied to the David Geffen case.

Discuss some practical suggestions for making ethical decisions. What strategy does Lockheed Martin use?

Reference no: EM13868914

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