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Congress passes the "Child On Line Protection Act", which essentially states that it is a crime to put "obscene material" on the internet with intent to place said obscene material on the internet. Obscene materials is not clearly defined. Oscar, places a "pornographic movie" on the internet which is easily accessible for a fee. Oscar is arrested for violating the "Child On Line Protection Act". In answering the question discuss the elements of a crime with special emphasis on "constitutional limitations".

Reference no: EM13823437

How is sensitive information related to behavioral health

How is sensitive information related to behavioral health, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, Adoption, STDs, and other communicable diseases and genetics protected from unauthorize

Contemporary examples of ethnicity-based jury nullification.

Explain whether ethnicity influences courtroom proceedings and judicial practices. Summarize the arguments for and against ethnicity-based jury nullification. Include contempo

Explain the bell-lapadula and clark wilson security models

Conduct a research and explain the Bell-LaPadula and Clark Wilson security models in terms of its scope, limitations and explain how the model works. 1000 words Conduct a re

Analyze the five elements of a contract

Describe and analyze the five elements of a contract that must exist for this agreement to be enforceable. Explain why this contract is governed by common law or the Unifor

Will alda be able to operate a beauty shop on the property

Alda argues that the covenant restricts only the type of building that can be constructed, not the incidental use to which residential structures are put. Will Alda be able

What your recommendations are for dealing with this claim

Additionally, the suspect's civil lawyer has filed a Section 1983 claim against Officer Renegade, the Sheriff, and the city of Saint Leo. The Sheriff wants to know what her

How do you think the three elements

How do you think the three elements (The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, uBuntu and the messages of Lady Justice) should influence your personal code of ethics a

Discuss the problems inherent in the common law rules

Discuss the problems inherent in the common law rules on offer and acceptance in determining exactly if and when a bilateral contract was formed particularly where commercia


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