Discuss the effects that extreme temperatures can have

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Question 1

Gun fire or a major explosion would most likely cause what type of effect?

Occupational deafness
Temporary threshold shift
Permanent threshold shift
Acoustic trauma

Question 2


The MOST serious type of heat stress is __________, which can be fatal if not managed properly.

heat stroke
heat exhaustion
heat syncope
heat cramps

Question 3


Epicondilitis and ganglionic cysts are examples of __________.

cervical radiculopathies
tunnel syndromes
muscle and tendon disorders
nerve and circulation disorders

Question 4


Muscular pain and spasms, cold sweating, and vomiting are characteristic of which of the following?

Heat stroke
Heat stress
Heat cramps
Heat exhaustion

Question 5


Progressive loss of consciousness begins at which of the following core temperatures?

30 degrees Celsius
32 degrees Celsius
34 degrees Celsius
37 degrees Celsius

Question 6


Discuss the effects that extreme temperatures can have on the human body. How can an individual protect himself/herself from these effects?

Question 7


Discuss the various types of radiation that a safety professional might encounter and some methods for protecting oneself against it.

Reference no: EM13821899

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