Discuss the development of engineering in your home country

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As a student of the University of Portsmouth and the International College Portsmouth, you will be assessed on your subject knowledge through a number of different methods. A key method of assessment will involve the production of an essay, or a written report, on a given topic/research area.

You are required to select a title from the list below and write an essay (1500 - 2000 words).

• "It has been said that engineers have failed society". Discuss this statement using examples from your own field of expertise.

• Discuss the importance of good time management skills in an engineering project, quoting relevant examples.

• How do you see the role of engineers in the industrial development of your country?

• Discuss the development of engineering in your home country.

• Discuss the importance of engineering to the economy of your home country.

• Discuss the importance of engineering to the economy of the UK.

A critical part of making sure you gain the best grade possible in a written assignment is planning. Make sure that you plan this essay carefully before you start to write it.

You must use a wide range of resources in order to gather information on your chosen topic. This will enable you to use in-text citation regularly, and to complete a comprehensive bibliography, both of which are essential elements of all written assignments.

Please ensure that you refer to the notes that are posted on Moodle, and the resources that are available from the University of Portsmouth, in order that you reference your work correctly. This applies to both citation in the text and your bibliography.

Word limit: 1500 - 2000 words

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What language styles to employ in a variety of situations to ensure appropriateness and clarity of communication.

A comprehensive set of clear writing techniques (plain English, factual and persuasive writing) that can be applied to a variety of written formats.

The importance and basic precepts of style when composing written work in a variety of forms.

How to apply basic research and referencing techniques to formulate reasoned academic opinion in a variety of forms.

Develop written skills for a variety of formats and requirements.

Reference no: EM131428366

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