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Project Detailed Assignment Description

This is the final phase of the case study assignments. The primary purpose of this project is for you to demonstrate your understanding of the principles covered in this course. You will create a minimum 12 PowerPoint slides to summarize the policy review conducted and your recommendations for the next steps the merged company should take to protect its data and information assets. The cover, summary/conclusion and reference slides are not part of the slide count. It will also include a minimum of 5 references. The grading rubric provides additional information about content and formatting of your presentation.

Each policy review and recommendations presentation should address the following:

• Current policy: Discuss the current (as per the case study) IT cybersecurity policy.

• New technology: Describe the functionality of the new technology selected for implementation and the challenges associated with the current cybersecurity policy. Identify cybersecurity vulnerabilities that could be introduced by the new technology that might not be mitigated by technological configuration management.

• Recommendations: Discuss revisions and modifications that must be made to the current IT cybersecurity policy to ensure that the new technology does not compromise the organization's cybersecurity posture. Address the inter- and intra-organization leadership, managerial, and policy challenges and effects associated with the recommendations.

Reference no: EM131136349

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