Discuss the cultural differences between benq and siemens

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Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this assignment, students should be able to:
- Evaluate the importance of culture when entering foreign markets.
- Discuss and apply Hofstede's framework.
- Analyze methods for entering foreign markets.

Learning Opportunities: Reading, editing and writing skills.Independent learning. Critical evaluation of given text. Ability to comprehend the scenario and apply it to other businesses and sectors.

1. Discuss the cultural differences between BenQ and Siemens across all Hofstede's dimensions. (80 words)

2. DiscussBenQ's expectation at the time when the investment in Siemens was made. (50 words)

3. What is your judgement on Siemens accepting the terms and conditions of the acquisition by BenQ? (50 words)

4. Evaluate the role of management of Benq in the failure of this M&A. In your evaluation, identify which cultural element(s) were determinants to the decisions of the management. (100 words)

Attachment:- Case study cultural difference.rar

Reference no: EM131336576

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