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Individual Report - Project Initiation Document (PID)

The individual report should focus on preparing a plan for a project of moving into the solar energy market.

1. A high level business case for the development of the project including financial planning. This should identify the proposed solution and discuss the critical success factors, the financial budget, and the stage/time when the project will start to pay off.

2. Definition and Scope of the project including the project objectives and the project deliverables. Summary of the main considerations, assumptions taken into account in formulating the business case, project specification and project plan.

3. A project plan, identifying the key phases and life cycle of the project.The report should include a work breakdown structure (WBS) and a ‘project schedule' (Gantt chart). You should also discuss the approach to the plan, including how the project has been broken down into phases, any critical activities and any milestones or any decision gates.

4. A risk assessment of the project and the project plan, with the controls identified to minimise or eliminate these risks, you must also identify if there is any residual risk following your risk responses.

5. There should also be a discussion of the key issues and concerns in terms of stakeholders, identifying which stakeholders or risks have the potential to have the most significant impact on the project. You must also include a stakeholder matrix and a communication plan.

6. You should identify any specific controls you will put in place to monitor and control the project including any required quality controls. You should also outline the change control mechanisms and who will have responsibility for change control decisions within the project.

7. The report should include a conclusion and recommendations section that pulls all the disparate elements together.Identify any areas of further investigation/research necessary and any decisions that require to be resolved in order to obtain all the information required to implement the project.

The project report should be 2500 words long, typed and in management report format. The report should indicate on the first page the number of words used. Do not overuse bullet points as you are required to evaluate for the purpose of this report.

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Reference no: EM13873487

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