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There are two tasks for the assessment in this module: a group presentation and an individual essay. Both are linked to the same product area.

Task 1: Group Work: Formal Presentation

Assume that you are the manager of the new product development department of one of the electronic companies in Oman that manufacture and distribute various kinds of personal electronic products. You are assigned to launch a new product that will be distributed in all regions of the Sultanate.

More specifically, your presentation covers the following:
- Determine your target consumers and conduct an analysis using secondary sources of information on their geo-demographic data, lifestyles, and socio-cultural beliefs.
- Using primary consumer research, determine and analyse the attitudes and behaviour of your target consumers.
- Give a summary of how you communicate your product and motivate your target consumers to buy.
- Present your findings and recommendations by means of a formal presentation to the "management team" (tutors and other students).
- Make sure that you acknowledge your sources (references) for any facts and figures that you used.
- The group presentation will not take more than 20 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of questioning by the management team. Each student must present at least one slide.
- Number of slides: 12-15 slides (excluding references).

TASK 2: Individual Assignment

Word Limit: 1000 words

Using the product that you investigated in the group assessment (task 1), answer individually the following.

Critically discuss the consumer decision making process. Provide a chart or diagram to support your discussion. Analyse how your consumers go through the process of decision making in purchasing your product.
- This assignment must be your own work, not a group answer.
- You may draw upon the comments and analysis provided in the group presentation to underpin some aspects of your answer. However, please note that you must supplement this material (and lecture material) with your own independent research and readings around the subject.
- Your analysis will be presented in the form of a fully referenced academic essay, using Harvard referencing.
- You will need a minimum of 5 references, and each one should be from a different source/author. Your source information could include a mixture of books, academic journals, databases, market reports and other credible academic sources. Quality newspapers may also be used, but please note that an essay comprising mainly of newspaper sources (i.e. popular journalism) will not be acceptable as an academic essay in the context of this assignment.
- Format: Arial, font 12, and 1.5 space.

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This paper is a continuation of the Assignment 1. The assignment 1 talked about Smart Sopping Trolley in Toshiba. In the modern world, every supermarket and hypermarkets employ shopping baskets and shopping trolleys in order to aid customers to select and store the products which they intend to purchase. The customers have to drop every product which they wish to purchase into the shopping cart and then proceed to checkout at the billing counter. The billing process is quite tedious and highly time consuming and has created the need for shops to employ more and more human resource in the billing section, and yet waiting time remains considerably high. In this task, it underscores fundamental unexplored differences between budget and non budget shoppers. Moreover, they have key implications for both brick-and-mortar and online retailers, as well as app developers.

Reference no: EM131496877

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