Discuss the confidence level the p-value and the decision

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Hot dogs. A nutrition lab tested 40 hot dogs to see if their mean sodium content was less than the 325-mg upper limit set by regulations for "reduced sodium" franks. The lab failed to reject the hypothesis that the hot dogs did not meet this requirement, with a P-value of 0.142. A 90% confidence interval estimated the mean sodium content for this kind of hot dog at 317.2 to 326.8 mg. Explain how these two results are consistent. Your explanation should discuss the confidence level, the P-value, and the decision.

Reference no: EM131381353

Differentiate matrix and blosum matrix

Write down the difference between matrix and a Blosum60 Blosum20 matrix? If one uses one and when other? What is meant by Clustal and summarize the operation.

Performance appraisal and promes

Based on what you know about performance appraisal and ProMES, what are the most important features of the ProMES system? Indicate how SRU's current ProMES system does or do

What is an advanced persistent threat

What is an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)? What is the goal of an APT? How can a business protect itself from an APT? What tools can be used to detect an APT? Be sure to c

Limitations of digital subscriber line

Part 1: What are some limitations of Digital subscriber line (DSL) technology? Part 2: What are some examples of improvements of asymmetric digital subscriber line 2 (ADSL2) b

Multimedia devices worksheet

As a computer technician, you must be familiar with a wide range of Input/Output (I/O) devices, including keyboards, mice, monitors, biometric devices, projectors, cameras,

Images can make or break a webpage

Images can make or break a webpage. It is important to place them in such a manner that they add to the website and not be a distraction. Use your favorite browser to res

Determines tuition paid

Create another calculated field named Tuition Payments that determines tuition paid in three installments. Using the Pmt function, replace the rate argument with 0.025/3, th

Design an efficient algorithm that compresses a large set

Design an efficient algorithm that compresses a large set of patterns into a small compact set. Discuss whether your mining method is robust under different pattern similari


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