Discuss the concept of a wave

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Case study: VCI/Ellison Equipment-Coordinated Global Sourcing Process across Continents

Assignment Questions

1. Write one-page summary of the case. Be sure to mention what are some of the differences, including cultural differences, between VCI and Ellison.

2. Discuss the concept of a "wave." Why does executive management want each global sourcing project to last six months and move through a lock-step series of steps?

3. What was the role of consultants when developing and executing VCI/Ellison's global process? What are the advantages and disadvantages of relying on external support?

4. What are some of the advantages and outcomes that VCI/Ellison has realized from its global efforts?

5. VCI and Ellison historically competed as regional companies, which the supply bases was structured to support. Why might this present a challenge as the companies try to take a combined and coordinated global view of supply management?

Reference no: EM131039163

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