Discuss the characteristics of transformational leadership

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Assignment - Leadership : Principles of Management

Think about a leader that you admire and answer the following questions:

Discuss and give examples demonstrating how your chosen leader exhibits the following fivecharacteristics of transformational leadership (see chapter 10, sec. 5 Contemporary Perspectives in your text for reference); namely, Intellectually Stimulating, having a Vision or Grand Design, Ability to Inspire Trust, Positive Self-Regard and Ability to Communicate.

In completing this assignment you should try to cite at least two sources of information. Also, you MAY NOT choose a family member, former teacher or evil person. The best choices will therefore be those who are more widely known, either from business, politics, or social issues.


4 pagesminimum, 6 pages maximum

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Times New Roman

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NO FORMAT GIMMICKS PLEASE. Papers that include format gimmicks to attempt to enlarge the size of the final draft will be downgraded accordingly. Examples of such gimmicks include, extra double spacing between paragraphs, large margins, beginning the paper in the middle of a page, etc. Also, please be aware of the parameters outlined above. Your minimum page length is 4 full pages.

Reference no: EM131434965

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