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Assignment: Group Proposal

Assignment Instructions: Now that you have examined the literature and developed the structure for your proposed group, it is time to put the pieces together. Assume your supervisor has asked you to assemble all your work to present to the rest of the clinical team. Consider the feedback you have received from the previous assignments and complete the following:

1. Section 1: Compare and contrast the applicability of different group leadership or facilitation styles and approaches (revise from Unit 3 assignment).

2. Section 2: Integrate theoretical orientation and group leadership and facilitation styles into the group structure and development processes and support choices with recent academic research (revise from Unit 7 assignment).

3. Section 3: Based on your analysis of the research, develop a succinct plan appropriate for the selected group topic and population. Include session activities and interventions aligning with measurable group outcomes established in Unit 7 assignment. Make sure that your plan:

• Addresses key ethical and legal issues (revise from Unit 3 assignment).

• Incorporates multicultural and diversity awareness, knowledge, and skills (revise from Unit 3 assignment).

• Is based on a specific major counseling theory.

• Supports therapeutic factors of a group in the working stage (see Chapter 5 of your Group Counseling: Concepts and Procedures text ).

Reference no: EM132235029

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